Connemara Marble Ring with Marcasite Shamrock

Solvar Jewelry Connemara Marble Ring with Marcasite Shamrock $79.95


Connemara Marble ring with marcasite shamrock made by Solvar, one of the finest Irish jewelers in Dublin.

Connemara Marble is one of the oldest marbles in the world – about 600 million years old. It is mined in the Connemara region of the west of Ireland. Many years ago it was used for fixtures in state buildings and churches but now only small quantities are mined for jewellery. Each piece is individual with variations in the green colour, markings and veining. Because of its rarity and beauty, it is sometimes called Ireland's gemstone.

Marcasite is a term applied to small polished and faceted stones that are traditionally inlayed in sterling sliver to create beautiful jewelry with a classic and sophisticated appeal.

The Shamrock hardly needs an explanation. It has been the symbol of Ireland for centuries.

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