Claddagh Trinity Irish Band

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This beautiful ring would make a great wedding band or anniversary reminder. Made in 14K gold with alternating Claddagh love and Trinity eternity symbols, it will last a lifetime.

The story of the ring goes back to the 1600s when the first ring was made in honor of a woman from the town of Claddagh, Ireland. By tradition it is taken to signify the wish that love and friendship should reign supreme. Two hands cradling a crowned heart: The Heart for Love, the Hands for Friendship, the Crown for Loyalty. The Trinity Knot - Triqueta- predates Christianity and is the Celtic Symbol of Odin, Goddess of the North. Triplicities, Triskele (triple spiral), were common symbols in Celtic myth and legends, and considered to bring luck to the wearer. The symbol has been used later to explain the Christian trinity. As with all Celtic knots the underlying concept of eternity and unity prevails.

Measures 4mm wide

Made by Facet, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

Allow 4 weeks for delivery from Ireland if not in stock.