Arda Tie Slide

House of Lor Arda Tie Slide $159.00


Arda Tie Slide. 

The Ardagh Chalice is housed in Ireland’s Natural History Museum in Dublin. The Ardagh Chalice was found in a potato field together with a small bronze cup and four brooches in 1847 near the village of Ardagh in Co. Limerick. The Ardagh Chalice originally dates from the 9th or 10th century and is probably the work of the School of Clonmacnoise. It is thought the chalice was hastily hidden because very little protection was placed around it. It is composed of gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper, and lead and comprises 354 pieces, including 20 rivets. There is a beautiful band running round the outside of the bowl on which is engraved the names of the twelve Apostles.

This tie slide takes it’s origin from this chalice. The two tone colour (sterling silver and rare Irish gold) enhances the design even more. 

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that it contains Irish gold from the only Irish mine in Co. Tyrone, Ireland.

Made in Dublin.

Measures:  2.25 inches