Children of Lir Earrings

The Jewelry House Children of Lir Earrings $119.00


Children of Lir Earrings were designed in homage to the mythical Irish story. A stunning sterling silver piece representing the story with swans in celtic design. It combines a beautiful combination of polished and unpolished silver for a unique  look.

Measures 5/8  inches.

Made in Ireland.

The story of the Children of Lir is a haunting Celtic myth which is an intrinsic part of Irish folklore. It tells the story of the four children of ancient Irish King, King Lir. King Lir married a woman called Aoibh and they had four beautiful children, However when the children were young, Aoibh died and Lir and the children were devastated. Seeing the children unhappy Lir married Aoibh's sister Aoife in the hope that she would act as a mother to them. However Aoife was evil and jealous of the children and their love for each other and their father so she used her magic to transform them into swans. They were banished to spend 300 years on Lough Derravaragh, 300 years on the Sea of Moyle and 300 years on Inis Glora. All they were left with were their beautiful singing voices and people would come from far and wide to hear them sing. They stayed together for the 900 years and the spell was eventually broken when a church bell rang out at the Monastery on Inis Gluaire……