Tree of Life Earrings

Shanore Tree of Life Earrings $59.95


Tree Of Life Trinity Earrings with Trinity Knot made by Shanore Jewelry in Dublin, Ireland.

Classic in style and symbolic in meaning, the Tree of Life Trinity Earrings feature delicately carved branches stemming from a sterling silver trunk which supports a Trinity knot in a eye-catching gold color. The sparkle from the inset cubic zirconia stones in the leaves catches the light as you turn your head to allow others a closer look at the beautiful design.
The Tree of Life, also known as the Crann Bethadh, is an ancient symbol of the harmony, balance and power that nature possesses and shares with all of mankind. The solid trunk represents strength and is connected to Mother Earth, the giver of all life, through its massive roots, and the branches extend towards the heavens as a spiritual connection and provider of food, shelter and a place to gather for both animals and humans.
Made of Sterling Silver

Made in Ireland
Measures 0.5 inches