Dragons Window Sticker

Keltic Designs Dragons Window Sticker $4.95


Dragons Window Sticker. Measures 4.5 inches in diameter.

The Red Dragon symbolizes the sovereignty of Britain, and is the totemic beast of the greatest line of kings, the Pen-dragons. Dragons and serpents of the Celtic religion symbolize earth energies - the dragon lines - potent forces of the land, which polarize into positive and negative roles. here is a legend that British tyrant King Vortigern was attempting to build a fortifiec tower - thought to be the hill fort of Dinas Emrys (the city of Emrys) in Snowdonia, Wales. But the building kept falling down, and so a young boy was brought to be sacrificed in an attempt to save the Tower. However, the young Emrys had powers of prophecy - and he saw that two dragons, one red and one white, were fighting in an underground pool below the weak foundations. Vortigern was afraid, and listened to the boy, who lived - some say to become Myrddin (Merlin) the wise man. Emrys prophesied that the red dragon would slay the white dragon, and the Saxons would be driven from Britain. Y Ddraig Goch Ddyry Cychwyn - "The Red Dragon will rise again".