Ogham Suaimhneas/Tranquility

Ogham Wishes Ogham Suaimhneas/Tranquility $44.95


Ogham Suaimhneas/Tranquility.  The Ogham alphabet is the earliest known form of wrinting in Ireland.  Orginally inscribed on standing stones, it consists of 20 linear characters read from the bottom upwards.  Many of these standing stones can be found throughout Ireland and date from 400AD.  Some are even thought to be pre-Christian.

Ethel Kelly’s award winning range of hand painted OGHAM WISHES continue to enchant and delight. At her traditional workshop in Knockcroghery village in County Roscommon each Ogham is individually painted by Ethel on hand made paper and beautifully framed in a contemporary black wooden frame.

They are quite charming in their simplicity!

Measures 6 x 11 inches