Hear no evil Speak no evil See no evil

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This ancient saying is usually portrayed as Three Wise Monkeys but here as Three Celtic Figures by Ken Thompson. Nowadays it is difficult to escape from noise, from speaking, and from seeing. Some Celts escaped to the 'desert' by building hermitages at remote places such as the Skelligs, Glenalough, and Iona. Many Irish place names include the word 'diseart', 'disert', 'dysart', from the Latin 'desertum' meaning deserted place or hermitage. These hermitages were centres of wise advice for the pilgrim and flowered into the great Celtic monastic centres of learning, later to flow across Europe. 'Preferring knowledge before power, and wisdom before knowledge and love before wisdom; but preferring also the faculty of wonder before the faculty of sight.' - Charles Morgan


The Wild Goose Studio in Kinsale Co. Cork Ireland has been designing and making gifts to inspire the imagination since 1970. Together with leading Irish artists, it has created a unique range of artefacts which combine heritage with the contemporary Inspired by myths, legends and history, all our pieces are handmade by skilled craft- workers and finished in pure bronze or cast iron.