Tree of Life Woodcarving

BF Tree of Life Woodcarving $139.00


This Tree of Life Woodcarving  was inspired by well-known Welsh artist Jen Delyth. Her exquisite Tree of Life design was one of the first Celtic drawings to represent the Circle of Life.

Celebrate your family with one of these Tree of Life carvings ~ the roots represent your ancestors, you and your living relatives are the trunk and the branches are future generations to come.

Sometime known as the “Tree of Knowledge” or “Sacred Tree”, the Tree of Life is seen as a connection between the heavens and the underworld.  It is part of Celtic and Viking traditions. In Viking lores, it is called “Yggdrasill” – the tree that connects the three worlds: Asgard-the realm of the gods, Midgard-the world of man, and Hel and Niflheim-the kingdom of the frost giant.

Dimensions:  12 inches diameter

Made from hand carved mahogany and polished with a special wax which will last a lifetime.