Molly Malone Statue
Molly Malone Statue
The Statue in Dublin

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This Molly Malone Statue is a miniature of the original in Dublin. It stands 7 inches.

'The Tart with the Cart', 'The Dish with the Fish,' and 'The Trollop with the Scallops' - all fond nicknames for the bronze statue of the world's most infamous, possibly fictitious, combined prostitute and fishmonger, Molly Malone. She stands at the bottom of Grafton Street selling her wares, baring no expression but plenty of bosom, enticing tourists to pose with her and her wheelbarrow. Her location across the road from Trinity is fitting because it is said that back in the 17th Century debauched students were some of her best customers, and you can be sure t'wasn't fish they were buying!

Molly Malone was immortalised in song long before she became a statue or lent her name to a plethora of Irish pubs from Moscow to Michigan. The lyrics tell us that her ghost still "wheels her barrow through the streets broad and narrow."