Two Tap Trio, A Night at the Fair

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Two Tap Trio - A Night At The Fair

Norah Rendell - Flute, Vocals
Nathan Gourley - Fiddle
Brian Miller - Guitar, Bouzouki, Backing Vocals

1. Paddy Canny's / A Night at the Fair (jigs)  
2. I Wish I Never Saw You / The Piper on Horseback / The Humors of Bolton Street (reels) 
3. Whiskey Evening (song) 
4. The Doberman's Wallet / The Wandering Minstrel / Will You Come Home With Me? (jigs) 
5. The Highland Man / Tie the Bonnet / The Connaught Heifers (highland/reels) 
6. The Road to the Isles / The Gypsy Princess (barn dances)  
7. That Tumble Down Shack In Athlone (song) 
8. Salmon Tails Up The Water / The Blackwater Polka #2 (polkas)
9. The Miller and his Wife / The Cup of Tea / The Ivy Leaf (slip jig/reels)
10. The Goodbye Waltz [Light in the Window] (song)
11. The Rossinver Reel / Longford Tinker / Hold the Reins / The Periwig (reels)
12. The Beautiful Goldfinch (waltz)