Seven Nations, Palace Theater

CD O-Z Seven Nations, Palace Theater $16.95


Seven Nations, Palace Theater Tracklist:

1. Piper's Wedding

2. God 
3. King of Oblivion 
4. This Season 
5. Iain's Jig/West Mabou Reel/Itchy Fingers/Clumsy Lover 
6. All You People 
7. Under the Milky Way 
8. O'er the Moor and Among the Heather/Larry/Gail/Martin Rochford's/Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to the Shetland Islands/Jig in D/Jenny's Chickens 
9. Amy's Reel/Kelsey's Wee Reel/A Skyedance Reel/Paddy's Leather Breeches/Malts on the Optics/Kelsae Brig 
10. Twelve/The Foxhunter's Waltz 
11. Bog a Lochan 
12. Big Dog 
13. Amazing Grace