Poitin, Barley Mash

CD O-Z Poitin, Barley Mash $16.95


Poitin, Barley Mash Tracklist:

1 Roisin Dubh/Red Haired Boy  
2 Errant Apprentice 
3 Frosty Morning/Mug of Brown Ale 
4 Red Is the Rose 
5 Fisher's Hornpipe/Harvest Home 
6 Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore   
7 The Water Is Wide 
8 The Star of the County Down      
9 Courtin' in the Kitchen     
10 Shule Agra    
11 Si Beag, Si Mor    
12 Whiskey in the Jar    
13 Bonaparte's Retreat  
14 Dark Inishowen  
15 Far from Home/Flowers of Edinburgh/Miss McLeod's
16 The Hills Are Green Forever
17 The Foggy Dew  
18 The Barnyards of Delgaty/Irish Washerwoman