Patrick Ourceau, Live at Mona's

CD O-Z Patrick Ourceau, Live at Mona's $17.95


Patrick Ourceau, Live at Mona's Tracklist:

1. Reels: Miss Thornton's / My Love is in America
2. Jigs: The Goat on the Green / The Pipe on the Hob
3. Reels: The Bunch of Green Rushes / Cloone Reel
4. Song: Maidin Fhomhair
5. Reels: The Chattering Magpie / The Flax in Bloom
6. Reels: The Jug of Punch / McDonagh's
7. Jigs: Tobin's Favourite / Jackson's Bottle of Brandy
8. Song: Madam I'm a Darlin'
9. Reels: The New Road / Lady's Pantalettes
10. Waltz: Waiting for Emilie
11. Jigs: I Buried my Wife & Danced on Her Grave / Will You Come with Me?
12. Song: Craigie Hills
13. Reels: The Mountain Lark / The Heathery Breeze / The Connaught Heifers
14. Reels: The Black Haired Lass / Aggie White's Chattering Magpie / Crowley's
15. Reels: The Thrush in the Storm / The Maids of Tulla
16. Song: I Was a Young Man
17. Reels: The Hare's Paw / Knocknagow / The Templehouse