Paddy O'Brien, The Sailor's Cravat

CD O-Z Paddy O'Brien, The Sailor's Cravat $14.95


Paddy O'Brien, The Sailors Cravat features Paddy O'Brien's button accordion and Tom Schaefer’s fiddle blend together with lively intensity, underscored by Paul Wehling’s tasteful backing on bouzouki. Some rare versions of tunes tie it all together, and are softened into submission by three wonderful songs from Erin.


  1. Reels: The Singing Kettle / Sean Ryan's
  2. Jigs: Michael Coleman’s / The Rose of Lough Gill
  3. Reels: The Sailor’s Cravat / The Maple Leaf
  4. Song: The Flower of Magherally-o
  5. Hornpipe: The Groves
  6. Jigs: The Rambles of Kitty / Paddy Fahy’s / Paddy Fahy’s
  7. Reels: The Humours of Tooma / The Wheels of the World
  8. Polkas: The Peeler's Polka /Joe Bane’s / Dick Tobin’s
  9. Song: The Generous Lover
  10. Reels: Paddy Fahy’s / Paddy Fahy’s
  11. Jigs: The Goat in the Garden / Sean Ryan’s
  12. Reels: McCollum’s / The Gosling
  13. Song: Molly Bawn or The Shooting of His Dear
  14. Jigs: The Cat in the Corner / Paddy O’Brien’s
  15. Hornpipes: Murdoch Henderson / The Low Level
  16. Reels: Bill McEvoy’s / Paddy Fahy’s
  17. Reels: The Silver Spire /Sean Ryan's