The House Band, Groundwork

CD H-M The House Band, Groundwork $16.95


The House Band, Groundwork Tracklist:

1. Kato Sta Limonadika/The Trip To Amnesia 
2. The Diamantina Drover 
3. An Erminig Hag Ar Greskenn/The Anti Social Worker 
4. For The Sake Of Example 
5. The Tornado Two-Step/The Cooper/The Woodpecker 
6. Joy After Sorrow 
7. War Party 
8. The Cobb/Slip Jig/The Metric Fox 
9. E I Ah Could Hew 
10. The Pit Stands Idle 
11. Here's The Tender Coming 
12. The Four Courts/The Fox On The Prowl 
13. Major Harrison's Fedora