Mick Moloney, Strings Attached

CD H-M Mick Moloney, Strings Attached $16.95


Mick Moloney, Strings Attached. The only album devoted exclusively to Irish music on the tenor banjo and mandolin. Mick has chosen some of his favorite tunes, many quite rare and never recorded. With the addition of bouzouki and guitar, this makes for a priceless collection of tunes, played with unmatchable exuberance and typically brilliant Moloney technique.


REELS My Love Is In America/ The Lisdoonvarna Reel

JIGS: Arthur Darley’s / Over the Hills to Runbush

HORNPIPES: Munster Grass/ Peacock’s Feather

REELS: The Gooseberry Bush/ Charlie Mulvihill ‘s 1 and 2


Loftus Jones

REELS: Ricky’s White Face/ The Top of the Stairs

JIGS: Richard Brennan’s / The Bush on the Hill

REELS: The Bellharbour Reel/ Miss Lyon’s Fancy

HORNPIPES: Tm of the Hill/ Dwyer’s

JIGS: Jackson’s Morning Brush/ Paddy Reynolds’ Dream

REELS: Coyle’s Piano Reels, 1 and 2