Lehto & Wright, Between the Jigs and Reels

CD H-M Lehto & Wright, Between the Jigs and Reels $15.95


Between the Jigs and the Reels is the first all-instrumental release for this critically-acclaimed trio. The recording includes four newly released pieces, as well as their most famous previously released tune-sets. It is a tasteful, high-energy compilation, and a great addition to any Irish/folk collection.

Blind Mary
The Silver Tip / The Merry Tailor / Thompson's Reel
Kinderszenen No. 1 / The Blue Tail Fly / Blackberry Blossom
The Idle Road
The Monaghan Jig
I buried my Wife and Danced on her Grave / The Gander in the Pratie Hole / Jerry's Beaver Hat / The Eavesdropper / Con Casey's Jig
The One Legged Man / The Cock on the Wall
Bonaparte's Retreat / Banbury Bill / Son Ar Chistle / The Juggler
Beamish's Goat / Dever the Dancer / Ril na hAontachta
Lament / Improv