Lehto and Wright, Children's Songs

CD H-M Lehto and Wright, Children's Songs $16.95


Lehto and Wright, Children's Songs. This CD/DVD double disk marks the tenth anniversary of the band with their most ambitious work to date in their Progressive Rock/Folk explorations. This release has four tracks totaling over 65 minutes of music the crowning achievement of which is the title track clocking in at 32 minutes long. It is the product of three years of assembling, arranging, perfecting live and painstakingly recording and mixing. Included in this all instrumental cut is everything from Shuman to Bartok to Bluegrass to John Coltrane, as well as some Irish tunes and compositions by the band as well. The DVD portion features live in studio performances as well as an extended interview with the band. 


Wasn't That a Time
The Broomfield Hill
Children's Songs
Betsy Bell and Mary Gray