Kevin Henry, One's Own Place

CD H-M Kevin Henry, One's Own Place $12.99


Kevin emigrated from Ireland to Chicago and is an important source for Sligo flute music. This CD contains 23 tracks of Irish traditional music and recitation on flute, tin whistle and uilleann pipes. 

Kevin Henry, One's Own Place Tracklist:

Kiss the Bride in Bed/Lady in the Island (reels) 
The Galway Rambler/The Flowers of Red Hill 
Pipe on the Hob/Tom Hearte's (jigs) 
Fuilty or Not Guilty(recitation) Dark Slender Boy (air) 
Dermot Grogan's/Paddy Jim Frank/Old Swallow's Tail 
The Killavil Jig/The Wailing Banshee (jigs) 
The Hellbound Train (recitation) 
Paddy Sean Nancy's (reels) 
The Clogher Reel/Sean Sa Cheo (reels) 
Biddy McGhee/The Moving Bogs of Powellsboro (jigs) 
Rex (recitation) 
Up Cloontia/Mayes Cross (reels) 
Tom Wards/The New Policeman (reels) 
Murphy's Hornpipe/Kittys Wedding (hornpipes) 
Peg Kelley's Black Cat (recitation) 
The Ballymote/THe Rooskey (polkas) 
Speed the Plow/McFadden's Handsome Daughter (reels)
My Little Thatched Cabin (song) 
The Wandering Minstrel?The Maid on the Green (jigs) 
Miss Thorton/Reevey Johnson (reels) 
The Butcher's March/Hare in the Heather (jigs) 
The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God (recitation) 
The Tarbolton/The Golden Keyboard (reels)