Johnny Henry, One Out of the Fort

CD H-M Johnny Henry, One Out of the Fort $15.95


Johnny Henry, One Out of the Fort Tracklist:

1)Reels: Dinny O'Briens - Farewell to Connaught
2) Reel: The Black Haired Lass
3) Reel: The Wise Maid
4) Jigs: Old Man Dillon - The Whistling Banshee
5) Reels: The Stoney Steps - Langton's
6) Slip Jig: A Fig for A Kiss
7) Reels: The Five Mile Chase - The Hare's Paw
8) Reel: The Five Crossroads
9) Jigs: The Mouse In the Cupboard - The Wandering Minstrtel
10) Marches: Battle of Aughrim - Lord Mayo
11) Reels: Owney Davey's - Boil the Breakfast Early
12) Reels: The Liffey Banks - The Shaskeen
13) Reels: Patsy Sean Nancy's
14) Jigs: Rose In the Heather - Thrush In the Bush
15) Reel: Jeremiah Martins
16) Reel: The Highlander's Kneebuckle
17) Schottische: The Ewe Reel
18) Jig: The Old Killavil
19) Reels: Reidy Johnson's - Gagan's
20) Jig: Bimis ag Ol
21) Reels: Achonry Lasses - The Crooked Road to Dublin
22) Jigs: The Wheels of the World - The Priests Leap
23) Reel: The Gowlan Road
24) Jigs: The Nova Scotia - Biddy the Bold Wife
25) Interview
26) Double Jig: Henry's No.1
27) Reels: Down the Broom - The Gatehouse Maid