James Keane, Roll Away The Reel World

CD H-M James Keane, Roll Away The Reel World $16.95


  1. Jigs: The Blooming Meadows/Paudeen O'Rafferty 
  2. Reels: Maude Miller/The Sailor's Return/Paddy Murphey's Wife  
  3. Reels: Master Crowley's/ Crowley's #2
  4. Jigs: The Brides Favorites/Tony Rowe's/Walsh's/Nora Crionna  
  5. Reels: Reel Of The Mullinavat/The Connaught Heifer/Boy's Of Ballinahinch  
  6. Reels; Father Kelly's/Green Fields Of America   
  7. Hornpipes: The Four Courts/The Cuckoos 
  8. Reels: The Tempest/Sean Frank  
  9. Jigs; The Kesh/Morrison's/Donnybrook Fair  
  10. Reels: Gorman's/Jennie's Wedding/The Dark Haired Lass 
  11. Hornpipe: The Echo   
  12. Reels: Father Ahearn's/O'Mahoney's