Ashley MacIsaac, Close to the Floor

CD H-M Ashley MacIsaac, Close to the Floor $16.95


Ashley MacIsaac, Close to the Floor Tracklist:

1. The Little House Around The Corner/Traditional Winston/The Wandering Minstrel 
2. 74th Highlanders'/Roderick MacDonald/Sandy Cameron/Creignish Hills/A Pipe Tune/A Mary Mac Donald 
3. Hills Of Lorne/Sir Archibald Dunbar/Traditional/Pat Carney's/Scourdiness/Mrs. Duff 
4. The New Fiddle/Scotty's Favourite/3 Mile Bridge/Champion 
5. Miss Lyall's/Miss Lyall's/Sandy Cameron's/Carigoim Broach 
6. Livingstone Pond/Long Point/Campion 
7. Lament For Prophet/Moxham Castle/Children's Reel/Dublin Reel 
8. Miss Elanor Stewart/Glen Grant/Miss Robertson/Donalbane 
9. Blue Bonnets Over The Boarder 
10. Irish Lasses/Cambridge/Aubry Foley's 
11. Bonnie Anne Anderson/Headlight/Believe It Or Not/Mist Over The Loch