Arty McGlynn, McGlynn's Fancy

CD H-M Arty McGlynn, McGlynn's Fancy $18.95


Arty McGlynn, McGlynn's Fancy Tracklist:

1. Carolan's Draught
2. Reels: The Floater Crowbar/The Star Of Munster
3. Song: I Wish My Love Was A Red Rose (Vocal David Hammond)
4. Jigs: Peter Byrne's Fancy/Creeping Docken
5. Air: The Blackbird
6. Charles O'Connor
7. Reels: Jenny's Welcome To Charlie/The Connaught Heifers
8. Jig: Arthur Darley
9. Song: The Hills Above Drumquin (Vocal David Hammond)
10. Reels: Miss Monaghan/The Flags Of Dublin/ Hand Me Down The Tackle
11. Air: The Sally Garden (Down By The Sally Garden)
12. Jigs: Sonny Brogan's Fancy/ Brian O'Lynn/ Ben Kiely's Delight