Tom Dahill and Ginny Johnson, Quare Bungle Rye

CD A-G Tom Dahill and Ginny Johnson, Quare Bungle Rye $14.95


Tom Dahill and Ginny Johnson, Quare Bungle Rye.

Tom Dahill (vocals, guitar, accordion, and fiddle, Uilleann Pipes) Ginny Johnson (tin whistle, guitar, concertina).Tom Dahill and Ginny Johnson are superb entertainers with a fantastic repertoire of old Irish songs and dance tunes that you won’t hear from anyone else. They have command of many instruments between them, Irish button accordion, concertina, uilleann pipes, fiddle, whistle, bodhran, guitar and they sort of juggle these instruments between them to suit the sounds to fit the venue as they go along through their performances. This is the music that is part of the soul of Ireland.


1. Curragh of Kildare (song)

2. Erin's Lovely Lea (song)

3. Behind the Ditch in Pairc Anna/ The Golden Castle (hornpipes)

4. Spanish Lady (song)

5. Quare Bungle Rye (song)

6. Danny Farrell (song)

7. Pinch of Snuff (reel)

8. The Old Triangle (song)

9. The Waterford Waltz/ Westering Home (waltzes)

10. Salonika (song)

11. The Three Sea Sea Captains (set dance)

12. Step It Out Mary (song)

13. Sean Ryan's/ The Little Skillet Pot (hornpipes)

14.Boating on Loch Ree (song)