Rita Gallagher, The May Morning Dew

CD A-G Rita Gallagher, The May Morning Dew $15.95


Rita Gallagher, The May Morning Dew

The May Morning Dew by Rita Gallagher features 20 new recordings from Ireland's finest female singer. Plus a bonus CD of her 1997 cassette recording Easter Snow.

“Is Rita Gallagher the best Irish singer in the world? We know a LOT of musicians and fans who answer yes to that question for this fabulous alto from Donegal. A hidden treasure, she and her new album, Easter Snow, were brought to our attention by one of the world’s best.You just landed in heaven without having to die first. This album is a masterpiece from a master singer. Do you want to hear the REAL Ireland? You’re in luck. Rita Gallagher will sing it to you. A sean nos classic from a gift of a voice. This is no nasal soprano child singing some nonsense passing as Irish. This is a real Irish woman singing wonderful music in a voice from God. Impeccable.” Bill Margeson


Disc One

  1. Craigie Hill
  2. Bonnie Light Horseman
  3. Bonnie Bunch Of Roses O
  4. Banks Of The Clyde
  5. Flower Of Magherally
  6. Lovely Willie
  7. Lough Erne Shore
  8. The May Morning Dew
  9. Rambling Irishman
  10. The Wounded Hussar
  11. Shores of Lough Brann
  12. Out of the Window
  13. Oh The Marriage
  14. Rambling Boys Of Pleasure
  15. The Mermaid
  16. Rushes Green
  17. Wee Weaver
  18. The Nightingale
  19. What's Keeping My True Love
  20. The Mountain Streams




Disc Two "Easter Snow"
1. Going To Mass Last Sunday
2. John Adair
3. Old Arboe
4. Sweet Iniscarra
5. Easter Snow
6. Lurgy Stream
7. Edward On Lough Ernes Shore
8. Sheephaen Bay
9. The Blackbird
10. When My Love And I Parted
11. Blackwater Side
12. Highland Mary
13. Dark Is The Colour
14. The Mountain Streams