Randal Bays, A Rake of Tunes

CD A-G Randal Bays, A Rake of Tunes $13.95


Randal Bays, A Rake of Tunes Tracklist:

1 The Icy Road/The Carraroe/John McHugh's
2 The Man From Kilconnell/Mrs. Carolan's/Maids of Mitchellstown
3 The Star Hornpipe/Tuamgraney Castle
4 The Cascadia Reel/The Collier's/Ice on the Window
5 Gilbert Riley's/The Nightingale
6 Caher Rua/Captain Kelly's/The Old Pinch of Snuff
7 Fahey's in C/The Abbeyleix
8 The Rocky Mountain Jig/ Lucy Farr's
9 Dillon's Fancy/Dick Cosgrove's
10 Father Hogan's/Drowsy Maggie
11 I'm Waiting For You/The Humours of Tulla
12 Hairy Cat's Ear/Mouse in the Cupboard
13 The Job of Journeywork/Luke Kelly's/The Hairy-Chested Frog
14 Farewell to Miltown / Star of Munster
15 Miss McGuinness/ The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
16 Gillan's Apples/ The Sporting Pitchfork
17 The Dairy Maid/ The Steam Packet
18 St. Ruth's Bush/ Last Night's Joy/ The Beauty Spot
19 Morning Star/ John Dwyer's
20 Martin Kirwan's / Mrs. Dwyer's
21 Reilly of the White Hill/ The Humours of Loughrea/ Lucy Farr's
22 The Mother's Day/ Elizabeth Kelly's Delight
23 Paddy Kelly's/ The Colonel's Delight