Paddy Canny, Meet Paddy Canny

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Paddy Canny, Meet Paddy Canny Tracklist:

1 Reels: Kitty Gone A-Milking/Music in the Glen  
2 Reels: Grogan's Favorite/Galway Rambler
3 Reels: Lucy Campbell/The Boys of Ballisdare 
4 Reels: Bunker Hill/The Bush Reel 
5 Jig: Doctor O'Neill 
6 Hornpipes: Dunphy's Hornpipe/Chief O'Neill's Favorite 
7 Jigs: Carroroe Jig/Portroe Jig  
8 Jigs: A Trip to Athlone/The Pipe on the Hob
9 Sean Ryan's Jig  
10 Reels: Rolling in the Barrel/In the Tap Room/The Earl's Chair 
11 Reels: Egan's Reel/Lafferty's Reel
12 Reels: The Morning Dew/Reavy's Reel