O'Brien, Gourley, and Sproule, Bright and Early

CD A-G O'Brien, Gourley, and Sproule, Bright and Early $13.95


Bright and Early "Something to Crow About"

Paddy O'Brien, Button Accordion
Nathan Gourley, Fiddle
Daithi Sproule, Guitar

1. Reels: The Balmoral / O’Dowd’s Favorite
2. Reels: The Wheels of the World / Paddy Fahey’s
3. Hornpipes: Jim Erwin’s / The Hereafter
4. Reels: The Flax in Bloom / The Flash in the Pan
5. Double Jigs: The Ballykeale / The Rambling Pitchfork
6. Reels: The Morning Mist / The Pookeen Dubh
7. Reels: Sheehan’s / Johnny McGreevy’s / Felim’s Frolics
8. Hornpipes: The Midnight Hornpipe / The Castle
9. Reels: McGoldrick’s / The Repeal of the Union
10. Reels: Aggie White’s / A Toast to Paddy Canny
11. Double Jigs: Patsy Cauley’s / The Killina / Young Jerry Holland
12. Reels: Miss McDermott’s / Dancing on the Door
13. Slip Jigs: Wink and She Will Follow / I Have A House Of My Own With A
Chimney Built On Top Of It / The Periwig Jockey
14. Reels: The Starry Lane to Monaghan / John Mosey McGinley’s
15. Clan March / Polka: The March of the Jacobites / Bright and Early
16. Reels: The Queen of May / Tom McGinley’s