Matt Cunningham, Memories of Ireland

CD A-G Matt Cunningham, Memories of Ireland $9.95


Authentic Irish Recordings direct from Ireland. Memories of Ireland features Matt Cunningham. These are traditional Irish Jigs and Reels.

Reels-(Band selection) The Maid Behind the Bar, The Rising Sun, 
Touch Me If You Can; 
Son-Cil Chais; 
3 Reels-The Rambler of Cork, Buckley's Fancy, The Mullingar Races; 
Hornpipes-Cooney's Hornpipes, Dumphy's; 
Song-All The Good Times Are Gone and Past; 
Live Tracks-DeBharr na gCnoc, Denis Murphy's The Kerry Polka; 
Jigs-(band selection) The Walls of Liscannor, Brian O'Lynn, The Cashel Jig; 
Songs-Tras na d'Tonnta; 
Jigs-The Old Man Dillion, The Cat in the Corner, The Diary Maid; 
Waltz Selection-Shannon's, The Jacqueline; 
Fiddle selection-Fanny Power, Cooley's Reel, The Bonny Boy; 
Song-Since Maggie Went Away; 
Reels-(band selection) The Boys of Galway, Sailor on the Rocks, and Farewell to Erin