Joe Burke, Happy To Meet and Sorry To Part

CD A-G Joe Burke, Happy To Meet and Sorry To Part $16.95


Happy To Meet and Sorry To Part Tracklist:

  1. Reels: Dowd's No.9- The Galway Rambler
  2. Jigs: Daleystown Hunt - The Carraroe
  3. Long Dance: Bonaparte's Retreat
  4. Reels: Captain Kelly's - Jennie's Wedding
  5. Song: The Maid On the Mountain
  6. Reels: The Bells of Tipperary - Miss Galvin's
  7. Jigs: Father O'Flynn - Haste To the Wedding
  8. Reels: Kitty Gone a' Milking - Lucky In Love - Corney Is Coming
  9. Jigs: Rogaire Dubh - Split the Whisker
  10. Reels: The Boyne Hunt - Come West Along the Road
  11. Medley: Brian Boru's March - Sporting Paddy - The Traveller
  12. Jigs: I Buried My Wife & Danced On Top of Her - Will You Come Home With Me?
  13. Reels: The High Reel - Geoghegan's
  14. Jig: Cherish the Ladies
  15. Song: Dunlavin Green
  16. Reels: The Star of Munster - The Blackberry Blossom
  17. Happy To Meet & Sorry To Part - Paddy In London
  18. Aggie Whyte's - Miss Thornton