Gailfean- Won't You Come Out Tonight

CD A-G Gailfean- Won't You Come Out Tonight $17.95


Gailfean All-Ireland winners John Whelan, Brian Conway and Máirtín de Cógáin and renowned musician Don Penzien. Each of these artists recorded extensively and were brought together to the stage for the first time at the O'Flaherty retreat in October of 2012 due to Hurricane Sandy and much luck. Expect a lively entreatingly journey though the history of the Irish Diaspora with this musical collection.

1. Spike Island Lassies / Tom Moylan's / Donegal Traveler (Reels)

2. Sarah(Song)

3. Cuckoo Hornpipe / The Western (Hornpipes)

4. Bony Bunch of Roses / Redican's Bow / Seán Sa Cheo (Air & Reels)

5. Nil 'na Lá

6. My Ballingarry Lady (Waltz)

7. Whistling Postman / Berehaven (Reels)

8. Hunting the Hare / Swaggering / Hardiman the Fiddler (Slip Jigs)

9. Heenan & Sayers (Song)

10. Finbarr Dwyer's / Tom Wards Downfall / The Maid I Ne'er Forgot (Reels)

11. Castle Hyde(Song)

12. Óró 'sé Do Bheatha 'bhaile(Song)

13. Paddy Kellys Reels / Finbar Dwyer's (Reels)