Arcady, After the Ball

CD A-G Arcady, After the Ball $17.95


Arcady, After The Ball Tracklist:

1.Hennessy's jigs/ reels the boys of tandemager up ya boya
2.Hennessy's (phoenix reel) mcconnell's reel
3.The river
4.Barn dances the killavil postman, the gypsy princess
5.The field behind the plough
6.Tripping down the stairs
7.Maud mcquillan, the halfway house
9.Heavens gate
10.Boston reels rond de loudeac, the monaghan twig
11.After the ball
12.The spinster's waltz
13.Tros mat elors du port-de-brest
14.Jackie daly's reels
15.To cross the wild atlantic