Mark Pollock, Making it Happen

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Mark Pollock's book Making It Happen offers insights into his experience about dealing with blindness and emerging even stronger at the far side, ready to face the world's toughest challenges. Mark uses his experiences to detail how we can make things happen for ourselves.

The three pillars of the book are recognising the facts, taking action, and building a team.

A central principle running through the book is that before you can move forward you must first recognise the current reality of your situation. It is easy to deny uncomfortable truths, and while this might make you feel good in the short term, it damages your chances of long-term success.

The book deals with the issue of taking action and examines why we make excuses to avoid doing so. Mark claims a direct correlation between the number of excuses that we use and the number of regrets that we have in life.

To keep your life on course, you must consistently reassess your goals to ensure that they still fit with what you actually want in life, he says.

Building a good team around you is the final critical element to achieving your goals, whether it's reaching the South Pole or hitting a monthly sales target. The book tackles the outmoded concept of a loner battling against the odds to illustrate the importance of who you surround yourself with and why.

Making It Happen was co-authored with documentary film maker Ross Whitaker.