Aran Crew Neck Cardigan

Magee Clothing Aran Crew Neck Cardigan $284.00


Aran Crew Neck Cardigan.  Handknit crew neck cardigan made by Magees in Donegal Town, Ireland.  100% wool.  Magees was founded by John Magees in 1866 as a small shop in Donegal town and has continued to produce high quality clothing ever since.  Magee in Donegal still employs over 150 hand-knitters in this cottage industry using a combination of these old and mystical patterns. They use only pure newwool in white, bainin or earth colours. Each garment is made with pride by an experienced hand-knitter and you can't help but think of Donegal and it's people whenever you wear it.  It takes 40 hours to knit an Aran sweater and all you have to do is touch this sweater to see the difference between a hand knit and machine knit sweater. 

The Aran Hand Knit comes form the age old traditions of the wives and daughters of fishermen knitting rugged garments for their husbands and families. The basic stitches of moss, tree of life, blackbery or trinity were combined to relate sea, land and religious beliefs in a complex pattern unique to each family.