Yellow Gold Claddagh Ring

Shanore Yellow Gold Claddagh Ring $269.00


Ladies Claddagh Ring

If you're proud of your Irish heritage, one excellent way to show it is through jewelry. Shanore's stunning and refined Claddagh ring in 10 karat yellow gold is the ultimate Irish expression. The glistening, yellow bands run around in a perfect circle until finally turning into two uplifting hands, holding a humble heart. The image is finished at the top of the ring with the three-pronged crown. 

The Important Three

The Claddagh symbol means to represent three of life's most dearest values. They are heart, crown and hands. Used throughout much of Irish history and culture, the Claddagh symbol has become one of the nation's most sacred images. 

A Gift of Remembrance

The Claddagh often reminds us of the distractions we give too much attention to. If humbles us, moving us towards our friends, our hearts and our commitments. The gift of a Claddagh ring like this presentation by Shanore is the perfect offering for a daughter, mother or partner. It will tell them that you value their support and adoration, and when they look down at the beautiful symbol, it will help them to forget the small annoyances in life and focus on what's important.