Wild Rose Pottery St Brigid's Cross Ornament $0.00

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The true meaning behind Celtic designs & legends is lost in the mists of history, little real documentary evidence exists today. Whatever the thoughts in the minds of those artists and storytellers long ago we encourage you to enjoy their beauty and dream your own thoughts. The following text is printer in glaze on the reverse side of the ornament: St Brigid “Mary of the Gael” , abbess and patroness of Ireland was born the daughter of an Irish chieftain in 453 AD. She spent her entire life in the service of God and the needy. and founded the first Irish monastery in Kildare. Tradition has it that when her father was dying she wove a rush cross at his bedside. When he asked her the meaning of the cross he was overwhelmed and converted to Christianity before he died. It is customary for the rush cross, that became her emblem, to be hung in the kitchen to ward off fire and over the house door to ward off hunger and evil.

The ornaments, which are available in both Red and Green are 3 inches in diameter and include a golden chord for hanging. They are packaged in a clear fronted 3 1/2 inch square gift box with foam cushion.

With the wall hanging accessory the ornaments can be enjoyed year round as wall or window decorations.