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Shamrock Key Pendant.  Fun and unique sterling silver Shamrock key pendant features intricate design and a plethora of brilliant white crystals from Swarovski®. Shanore Ireland blends traditional symbolism with contemporary design to make a truly special keepsake. With careful attention to detail, the body features intricate textural treatment, and an additional crystal embellishment set in the bit of the key.

The shamrock is a three-leaved plant found in abundance throughout the lush landscape of Ireland. Interpreted here in sterling silver, and set with dazzling white crystals, the symbol is meant to inspire good health, happiness, and prosperity. Each of the three leaves may also represent their own idea or theme. Most commonly, the leaves are interpreted as The Holy Trinity, or past, present, and future. The wearer may however, choose to assign meaning as they find most significant.

The positive energies of the shamrock and crystals combine to invoke good fortune. Each white crystal is meant to suggest to the wearer, and all who behold it, purity, clarity, and truth. Opening the lines for communication and honesty, this key pendant harnesses the energies of Celtic lore and modern design or a most beautiful and effective keepsake.

Delicate details and bold meaning from Shanore Ireland's thoughtful craftsmanship create an incredibly powerful pendant. The clean lines and elegant features make this piece easy to wear from day to night, and for all occasions. Wear this brilliant shamrock key pendant as your own, or gift it to a most deserving friend, family member, or significant other who may appreciate the blend of traditional elements and modern style.