Shanore Irish Trinity Knot Pendant $89.95


Irish Trinity Knot Pendant. Make a statement with this gorgeous Trinity Knot Pendant. The finely shaped sterling silver on this necklace forms the iconic Trinity Knot and halo that are delicately inlaid with cubic. 

Triquetra The Trinity Knot, known as the Triquetra, is a widely recognizable symbol associated with Celtic beliefs and culture. Historically it has represented the Holy Trinity in Christianity, as well as serving as a symbol for many different things found in sets of threes. In modern times the Triquetra serves as a testament of a beautiful relationship, and represents the commitment to love, honor, and protect to wearer. Jewelry bearing the romantic symbol is often given by a man to his most dearly beloved, as a regular reminder of his undying commitment to her.

 Meaningful Gift: With the stunning design and sentimental meaning, it makes the perfect gift to celebrate the love that binds the two of you together.

Sterling silver comes with an 18 inch chain.