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Morrigan Celtic Healing Pendant is packaged with a 24 inch Copper Toned Metal Chain with a lobster clasp. Each piece comes with a “Dog Tag" label with  symbol explanation written by the artist!

The Raven is the totemic bird of the Morrigan - Great Queen, also known as Badb, Crow - the ancient Celtic death goddess of victory, prophecy and battle. The war-goddess Badb Catha, could change shape from woman to death-crow in battle.  In Arthurian myth she appears as Morgan Le Faye, King Arthur's witch half-sister, as a powerful and dark influence. The Morrigan ruled the Fortunate Isles with her nine sisters who are said to guard and tend the cauldron of rebirth in the depths of Annwn, cooling it with their breath. Ravens have a close affinity with the supernatural world, and appear often throughout Celtic mythology, featuring in the Welsh stories of the Mabinogi. As death is closely intertwined with life, the bright-eyed Raven is also blessed with clear vision, and is wise in the mysteries of rebirth and healing -  the Blue Morrigan.
Original Design and Text by Jen Delyth ©2005