Celtic Tree of Life Four Style Pendant

Keith Jack Jewelry Celtic Tree of Life Four Style Pendant $220.00


Celtic Tree of Life Four Style Pendant is an interesting design. You can flip it to create  four alternative pendantsw which are shown in the image. You can change it to suit your mood or enviornment. The four choices are:

                                Tree of Life with Gold Spirals Background.

                                 Tree of Life with Oxidized Tree Background

                                 Oxidized Tree

                                 Gold Spirals

Hand finished three dimensional design. High quality finish and come with great quality thick sterling silver chain. This piece also had 22K guilded yellow gold.

The Tree of Life is found in many cultures. It represents the natural law of life and the interconnection of all living things. The Tree is a powerful and ancient symbol with branches weaving through time and mythology. Grow with the strength and wisdom of the ages and enjoy fulfillment in a fruitful life.

The Tree of life can be found in almost every culture from the ancient Celts and Egyptians to Native Americans and Asian countries. It has very wide appeal.

Measures 1in