Shanore Claddagh Ring with Green Swarovski Crystals $69.95


Claddagh Ring with Green SwarovskiCrystals.

This exquisite ring is a fresh and mature take on the famous Celtic lover's band: the Claddagh Ring. Crafted delicately of Sterling silver, the ring is wonderfully detailed- from the cuffs around the hands to the patterns on the crown. But the true focus of the ring is rightly on the central heart. The brilliant Swarovski crystals set in the heart itself to form a glorious focus for the ring.

A Threefold Ever Lasting Love

The Claddagh ring is well deserving of its status as one of the most beloved symbols of Ireland because of the meaning behind the imagery. In the Claddagh Ring images, the three most necessary aspects of a successful relationship are found. The two hands bind together in the friendship. The crown rests as a reminder to the importance of loyalty. Finally, the middle heart represents the love that bound the two lovers together in the first place. Each ring comes with "Love Loyalty Friendship" engraved on the inside.

The Modern Traditionalist

For the woman who loves the traditions of the past but still wants to add her own, unique twist to things, this ring is perfect. It contains all the symbolism of the old Claddagh tradition but the brilliance of our modern world.