Shamrock Earrings with Swarovski Crystals

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Crafted to hang delicately from sterling silver French hooks, the Shamrock Earrings catch the light as they dangle thanks to the brilliant Swarovski® white crystals.

The shamrock is one of the most famous symbols of Ireland in the modern day, but it was revered by Celts centuries ago as well. The ancient Celts found beauty and deep meaning in many things in nature, and had a special fondness for things that included three parts, or triads, such as the shamrock with its three heart shaped leaves. The three leaves have been known to stand for many things, including Love, Faith, and Family, or Mind, Body and Spirit. The shamrock has also served as a symbol of life and of rebellion, thanks to its hardy resilience and ability to withstand storms and strife.

Shamrock earrings are a wonderful gift for a friend or family member who expresses appreciation for beauty and seeks meaning in their life or has overcome adversity.

Measures: 3/8 inch