Shanore Peek a boo Shamrock Earrings $69.95


Beautiful shamrock earrings crafted from Sterling Silver are showcased with extra special earring jackets which feature three dazzling Swarovski® crystals.

Shamrock Beauty

These fun and charming keepsakes feature a darling Shamrock figure with rounded edges and soft lines. The details make it easy for the wearer to transition from day to night. The Shamrock is a classic Celtic motif that signifies prosperity and luck, and also often holds significance in each of its three points. Each leaf of the Shamrock can represent an idea, whether wealth, property and health, or past, present and future. Whichever idea the wearer chooses to assign to each of the Shamrock leaves, it is sure to bring charm and inspiration to each day.

The symbolism of three is supported throughout the earrings as the earring jacket displays three strong, white Swarovski crystals along the ear lobe. These brilliant embellishments offer meaning of strength and significance while also offering a beautiful highlight to the sterling silver Shamrock charm.


Unique and Fun Daily Charm

These earrings are beautiful and charming enough to wear everyday and for all occasions. Fashion these into your daily ensemble or gift them to a friend who could use a little luck and prosperity.