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Sterling Silver Duleek High Cross comes with an 18 inch Sterling Silver chain, beautiful presentation box.  Made in Ireland.  This beautiful Sterling Silver Cross in a part of the Celtic High Cross Collection by Ogham. Each cross is a miniature work of art and is an authentic copy back and front of the west and east side of the original cross. Each Celtic Cross is handcrafted in a workshop by master silversmiths who have taken great care to reproduce the detail and originality of these ancient monuments. Each cross comes beautifully presented in a box with a book that will provide you with the background history and folklore associated with each of the Crosses.

Duleek was an important ecclesiastical center in the early Christian centuries and its Cross is unusual and very interesting. It was founded by St. Ciaran (or Kennean) who was himself baptized by St.Patrick in 472 AD. Here he built the first stone church recorded in Ireland. The name of the town comes from the Irish ‘daimh liag’, a house of stones. The center grew and flourished for more than 700 years and aerial photographs of the town show how the ecclesiastical boundaries still impose themselves on the street plan today.

The unusual feature of the High Cross is that one face, the East face, is completely covered in Celtic curvilinear and geometric designs. At the bottom on the West face there is a scene with three figures which may be the Holy Family or it may be the presentation of our Lord in the Temple. Above are two panels each with two figures facing, one with hands clasped, one with hands raised, at the center is a Crucifixion scene and at the top of the cross a scene from the story of the monastery. The story tells how St. Adamnon visited the tomb of St. Ciaran where his body lay undisturbed. St. Adamnon broke the rule and touched the body whereupon his eye was struck out. Later as he fasted as a penance and his eye was miraculously restored.