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Sterling Silver Marcasite Shamrock Brooch.  This beautiful brooch measures 1.75 inches and a harp is found among the sprig of shamrocks.

According to tradition, shamrocks never flower, nor will they grow anywhere outside of Ireland. Legend has it that in the 5th Century Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland, used the shamrock to demonstrate that the three persons of the Trinity were like the three leaves of the shamrock. They were held together in one unit by the stem, which was used as a symbol of the Godhead. For centuries, every March 17 Irish people wear springs of shamrocks on their lapels.

Connemara marble is found only in the mountains of Galway and Mayo.  Connemara marble is over 600 million years old, dating from the Pre-Cambrian Era and can be found only in a remote area in the West of Ireland. It is a metamorphic rock formed when limestone was heated under pressure, producing a hard granular rock. Its unique green colour, which symbolizes Ireland, is caused by the presence of various elements. Connemara Marble is thought to bring serenity to those who keep it close.