Solvar Jewelry Connemara Marble Tara Brooch $49.95


Connemara Marble Tara Brooch. This beautiful brooch measures 3.5 inches by2.25 inches and contains connemara marble.

The Irish tradition of metal working goes back over three thousand years to the Bronze Age. In those days, everyday items, such as swords and knives, were made of iron. However, bronze, silver and gold were used in the design of brooches, pins, rings, buckles, crosses and chalices.
The Tara Brooch is a classic example of Bronze Age craftsmanship. Discovered around 1850 in Bettystown, Co. Meath, it is exquisitely made in silver and gilt, decorated with interlacing patterns, spiral and trumpet devices, silver framed glass studs and gold filigree.

Connemara Marble is referred to "Ireland's Gem Stone" as it is a very unique and rare form of Marble and can only be found in the West of Ireland. It is estimated to be over 600 million years old. It is the presence of various natural elements in the limestone that gives Connemara marble its rich and beautiful colours. This beautiful marble offers a range of colour tones. From the lighter, paler shades of green, all the way to rich dark emerald tones. How fitting for Ireland that one of its natural treasures is the only green marble known to exist!