Ceilidh (Dance) Window Sticker

Keltic Designs Ceilidh (Dance) Window Sticker $4.95


Ceilidh (Dance) Window Sticker. This sticker measures approximately 4.5 inches.

Within ancient and modern spiritual traditions, the Dance is a metaphor for life, an ancient choreography moving within Celtic tradition the Ceilidh is a gathering, a celebration of music, storytelling and dance.

The long Winter's nights are passed to the music of the fiddle, whistle, the beat of the bodhran drum. The traditional Celtic dances weave intricate patterns of circles, spirals, squares in arrangements of threes and fours - a dynamic expression of the eternal knot.

In ritual dances such as the annual Beltane Maypole dance, men and women weave ribbons in ancient spiral patterns around the phallic tree to raise and manifest the fertile earth energies. The Morris Dancers continue the tradition of the Shaman dances.

They wear antler head-dresses and costimes of red and white representing the colors of the Otherworld. Their clogs, sticks and bells stamp out rythms in circle and square patterns on the earth in celebration of the ancient Horned God of fertility and strength.