Solvar Jewelry Silver Woven Band Claddagh Ring $49.95


Silver Woven Band Claddagh Ring. This beautiful sterling silver claddagh ring is made by Solvar, one of the finest Irish jewelers in Dublin.

The story of the Claddagh goes back to the 1600’s when the first ring was made in Claddagh on the edge of Galway City. By tradition it is taken to signify the wish that love and friendship should reign supreme. Two hands cradling a crowned heart: The Heart for Love, the Hands for Friendship, the Crown for Loyalty.

It is equally popular with men and women. Wear the ring on the right hand, the crown turned inward, the heart is open. Wear the ring on the right hand, the crown turned outward, love is being considered. Wear the ring on the left hand, the crown turned outward, two hearts are joined.

This band of this ring also has Celtic knotwork.  The interlaced unbroken lines symbolize one’s spiritual growth, eternal life and never ending love – having no beginning and no end. Each twist and turn has its individual magical and mystic qualities.

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