Claddagh Wedding Knife
Claddagh Wedding Knife
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Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Wedding Knife $65.00


Claddagh Cake Knife . There's nothing more memorable than cutting into the first slice of cake at your wedding. This pewter cake knife features a Claddagh on the handle, which is the perfect Irish symbol for the occasion. Th claddagh has a long history in Ireland, representing love, loyalty and friendship and blessing your union.

Made by Mullingar Pewter in Ireland


The ancient craft of pewter making was revived in Ireland byMullingar Pewter in 1974. Most of the pieces are still made in the traditional way in Mullingar Pewter's own workshop by Irish men and women, specially trained in the old casting methods, meticulous assembly and delicate hand finishing. These skills take years to acquire. Mullingar Pewter have consistently applied the highest standards of design and quality control in the production of these exquisite gifts. We are renowned around the world for our fine pewter. About the only thing that has changed in pewter. manufacture is the materials. Originally pewter was made from a composition of lead and tin. Today, the raw materials consist of 95% tin with the balance made up of copper and antim